SIGGRAPH Papers by Japanese Researchers

SIGGRAPH is the most competitive conference in the computer graphics and interactive technology research field. Looking through the Japanese-authored SIGGRAPH papers could be one of the easiest ways to grasp what is going on in the Japanese computer graphics community. The goal of this page is to collect together all the SIGGRAPH papers that were written by Japanese researchers in a broad sense (e.g., including those who live overseas). The SIGGRAPH Asia and ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) papers are also collected since they are considered uniform high quality. Not only basic info (e.g., titles and authors) but also links to project pages and authors' personal web pages are included if exist. When the accompanying videos are available on web players (e.g., YouTube), they are shown along the paper titles as well. These have been collected manually, and thus there might be errors or missing information. This page is publicly maintained at GitHub, and your contributions are highly welcome.